HLGC facilitates access to housing finance for lower income South Africans, through the provision and mobilisation of guarantees of last resort to lenders for loans to the affordable housing market. In 1996, the income level of persons to benefit was a maximum of R3500 per month – and now aligns to the FLISP housing subsidies.

HLGC’s guarantees were originally available only to banks, then expanded to include other organisations providing home loans. It is able to assist home ownership. With the effluxion of time and changing market needs, it now primarily offers CRI, a Collateral Replacement Indemnity, which stands in for the borrower’s cash deposit requirement, this being the one with the most benefit to all.

To function effectively, the HLGC established itself as an objective, neutral, professional company with an ability to communicate empathetically in each community. The HLGC has achieved acceptance in all quarters as an impartial entity.

The HLGC created and retains sound relationships with lenders, the Association of Mortgage Lenders, Insurers, SASRIA, employers, employees, trades unions, individual borrowers, community representatives and organisations, national, regional and local government, facilitative agencies, civic organisations and pension/provident funds.