We manage our risk through various means – including interaction with borrowers, borrower education, a web based Guarantee Management System and an HIV and Aids risk management programme.

The Company formulated comprehensive education programmes that address issues pertinent to housing finance, including elements such as tenure forms, affordability, budgeting, loan types, subsidies and dealing with developers and contractors. The service was offered at no fee to borrowers accessing loans guaranteed by HLGC. The service became essential to facilitate access to housing loans, to the extent that the National Credit Act now includes borrower education and information as a requirement for homeloans, with the onus on lenders to prove that borrowers have been given all required information and knowledge. HLGC therefore no longer provides education itself, although it is a condition of guarantee.

Guarantee Management System
Risk management is a cornerstone of access to finance. The Guarantee Management System (GMS) is a web-based system created specifically to manage the CRI in all its facets. Training on all levels is an integral part of the implementation of the CRI.